Identify Silverfish

How to Identify Silverfish

How to Identify Silverfish

You are rummaging through the stuff stored in your closet, looking for items that you can still use, donate or sell, or throw away. After lifting a few boxes, you notice curious-looking creatures scurrying about. These insects have a fish-like shape and silvery scales. What are these? What you have in your closet is an insect known as silverfish, thanks to its shape.

Apart from the fish or carrot shape of these insects, there are a few key characteristics that can help you identify silverfish.


For one, an adult silverfish can be sized anywhere between half an inch and 3/4 inches in length and about 1/8 inches in width. You will notice that the insect’s body tapers, with its head wider than its rear.


You will also notice that this creature has three long appendages that can be found on its rear end. Silverfish have colors ranging from silver to gun-metal.


Silverfish are usually found in closets, attics, and occasionally, in bathtubs and sinks. You may also find them trapped in the ceiling and in plumbing and electrical fixtures.

One silverfish can lay one to three eggs per day. In a year, it is not unusual for one adult to lay as much as 1,000 eggs, which are usually laid in cracks and crevices. These insects can live up to three years.

According to a Modesto pest control company, silverfish are brought into a home from outdoors as they hide in cardboard boxes and books. These creatures are drawn to heat and moisture and require both to hatch their eggs.

Once inside your home, silverfish will wind their way toward cracks and crevices in skylights, over plywood roofs, under insulation, under roof rafters, between books, and inside cardboard boxes.

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures. They are active during night and can travel great distances in search of food. Once these insects find a food source, they usually live near this food source. In the absence of a food source, these insects can survive without both food and water. They can even survive extreme heat.

Left unchecked, silverfish can damage household items like books, cardboard boxes and wallpaper. These insects like to feed on items which are rich in both protein and carbohydrates.

How do you prevent silverfish from invading your home?

Before storing cardboard boxes in your house, make it a habit to inspect these for pests, including silverfish. If you love buying secondhand books, again, check for these insects.

When putting items away in storage areas in your home, opt for plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.

Now that you know how to identify silverfish in your home, if you spot them contact your Modesto pest control company. The professionals at AAI Pest Control are expertly trained to eliminate your pest problems.

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