How to Keep Earwigs Out

How to Keep Earwigs Out of Your Home During the Winter

How to Keep Earwigs Out During the Winter

If you see some weird-looking brown insects under your rugs, furniture, and areas in your home where it’s dark and dank, and you don’t really know what they are, you may be (relatively) relieved to know that they are earwigs. These rather scary-looking insects are harmless to humans but they are definitely creatures that you do not want to see living in your property — particularly your garden, because that’s where they wreak havoc.

How to keep earwigs out of my home during the winter

While earwigs do not hurt humans despite their slight resemblance to scorpions, they can target your indoor plants and even the fruits and veggies you leave out in your kitchen. They also can populate in moist areas of your home — it can be a freaky surprise discovering them, especially if you hate creepy crawlies.

You can, however, prevent them from coming into your home, especially during the winter when they are seeking warm places to escape the cold. Listed below are some fail-proof earwig prevention tips:

Clean your home

If some have already taken refuge in your home, get them out quickly. The most likely places you’ll find them are under your rugs, in cushions, baseboards, the bathroom, laundry room and the basement. Also, when you clean your home, make sure to move things around in order to see where earwigs may be hiding.

Keep your home as bright and dry as possible

Earwigs love darkness and moisture. Don’t provide them places they can hide away to until the spring, when they will become quite active.

If you need to use firewood, stack the pile outside

No matter how dry wood is, earwigs will gravitate toward them and the pile will always be a good hiding place for them during the winter.

Earwigs like to come in through small cracks and holes

A Modesto pest control company advises homeowners to cover these common entryways for earwigs. Doing this will also prevent other winter pests from coming in.

Now, if you’re already dealing with a lot of earwigs inside your house this winter, do call a professional pest control company in Stockton right away. They’ll perform a more thorough job of getting rid of these insects so you’ll feel much safer at home. Not only will they be able to annihilate these pests, but they will also provide you more useful tips for preventing infestation within your property, especially during the warmer months when earwigs are more active.

How to Keep Earwigs Out of Your Home During the Winter Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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