Housefly Problem

Do I Need A Pest Control Company to Deal with a Housefly Problem

Why You Should Call a Pest Control Company to Deal with a Housefly Problem

Far from being a minor annoyance, a housefly problem can lead to health issues because these insects have been known to transmit a wide variety of diseases.

But How Did These Pests Get Inside Your Home in the First Place?

Houseflies often get inside the home through cracks in the walls or by flying through open windows and doors. And when these get inside the home, trying to get rid of these can be a difficult task. Upon entering your home, these pests will move toward the windows and can’t get out unless you open the windows.

After Houseflies Are In Your Home 

Once houseflies get inside your home, they will start breeding and laying their eggs inside your garbage. Within just 24 hours after entering your home, houseflies can hatch eggs which turn into maggots. These flies favor sugary liquids which they consume as food. However, they may also gravitate toward almost any type of food, including meats. After just four days, these maggots develop into mature houseflies.

Upon landing on foods, these insects can infect them, which can lead to diseases like cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis and typhoid. Remember, these flies carry bacteria and other microorganisms like E. coli and salmonella, which cause diseases.

Dealing effectively with a housefly problem is a big challenge for a few critical reasons. For one, mature adults move fast and using a fly swatter to deal with the situation can get tiresome. Second, most insecticides are not effective against houseflies. One reason behind this is that houseflies breed quickly and it is difficult to locate their pupae or maggots. Finally, you may think that you have gotten rid of these pests when the cold season arrives, but these insects can leave eggs inside the home, which can lead to another round of infestations during summer.

Housefly Prevention 

As with most problems, prevention is always better than the cure. Make it a habit to close doors as quickly as possible. You might also want to screen the windows and doors in your home. Finally, follow sanitary practices inside your house.

The best solution to a housefly infestation is to call in the professionals. Experts in pest control in Stockton, CA will first identify the areas where the flies have laid their eggs. In some cases, it may be difficult to discover where these areas are without the right tools and training. Once these areas have been found, these need to be cleaned or disposed of; otherwise, the problem will still persist.

Finally, after finding the breeding sites, the best thing to do is to eliminate the mature flies. Pest control experts in Modesto may use a combination of solutions, including fly bait and traps and the appropriate insecticides. If you are struggling with a housefly infestation, contact AAI Pest Control today! 

Do I Need A Pest Control Company to Deal with a Housefly Problem Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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