House Mouse gets into the room through a hole

How Do Rodents Get Into Your Home

Ever Wonder How Rodents Get into Your Home? 

If you recently had the rude surprise of seeing rodents in your home and you have no clue at all how they made their way in, here is how rodents can get into your home:

Holes as small as a quarter of an inch are big enough entryways for rodents.

Mice have no trouble getting into something small.  The same goes for squirrels. Vents with unevenly spaced slats or drilled holes in the wall for wiring or cables. The hole for your air conditioning unit can also be a gateway. All these are doors into your home for rodents. Rodents get into you home in all of the tiny little spaces you think they could never fit through. Check your home’s duct work too. They can chew through the insulation and enter through vents.

Homes with tile roofs are also prone to rodent problems.

The little spaces between tiles create some “squeeze” room for rodents and many other elements. Therefore, proper maintenance is a must to make sure that the tiles are not shifting and they are tightly installed. Other structural components of the roof serve as bridges for rodents as well. The gutters, fascia, and even the downspouts are all highways for rodents leading to the inside of your home.

The plumbing system in your home can also be a means of transportation for rodents to get into your home.

Rats are known to scurry up and down plumbing pipes and squeeze into poorly sealed wall-ceiling corners. If the hole’s not big enough, these pests have no issue chewing on the material to create a bigger hole that they can comfortably crawl into. Drainage pipes are common entryways too. If you use removable drain covers, rats can easily push them off to climb out of the drains.

Do you know that rats can also come in through your toilet? These little creatures truly can come out of anywhere, scattering germs every place they go.

AAI Pest control is trusted as a Modesto pest control company, our lead technicians says the hole behind the oven for the gas line shouldn’t be missed. Rats love this area because the oven already reeks of delicious scents and all the crumbs and drippings are yummy delights for mice and rats.

Basically, the rodent invasion of your home can transpire in different areas of the property. This is why it’s imperative to inspect your home’s structure regularly to see what areas need to be sealed.

If you’re already dealing with the presence of rodents in your home, don’t delay in calling professional pest control services. They’ll banish those rodents from getting into your home, and provide you everything you need to know for the effective prevention of a pest invasion in the future.

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