What Happens During A Professional Cricket Control Service?

What Happens During A Professional Cricket Control Service?

Crickets may not be on your list of the most terrifying insects around, but they should be. These insects can wreak havoc on your home. The noise they make can drive you crazy, too. Lastly, a cricket infestation will leave your home vulnerable to spiders and other pests that eat these chirping insects.

If your home has a lawn, there will be instances wherein you will have to deal with a cricket infestation. What causes this particular type of pest problem? The most common reasons are:

  • Crickets love warm and moist places. Outdoors, they can be found in mulches and woodpiles. They will also be drawn to your home since the kitchen, fireplace, and heaters will give them the warmth they are seeking.
  • Crickets are voracious eaters. As such, they will enter homes in search of dead insects, fruits, vegetables, wool, silk, and other fabrics.
  • If your house has plenty of cracks, holes, and crevices, crickets will find and use them to enter your home. Once they are inside, you will soon hear a lot of chirping. Crickets make this sound to find and call their mates.

How Pest Control Experts Control and Eliminate Crickets

A cricket infestation is characterized by numerous sightings of these insects and of the damage they make on fabric and other items. They usually leave their droppings around your home, too. Finally, they will make a lot of noise at night, which will make getting good quality sleep impossible.

If you already have an infestation, it is best to invest in a professional cricket control service immediately.  This is because these pests can hatch hundreds of eggs. When you fail to get rid of all the crickets at once, you will never fully eradicate this problem.

Here’s a look at how experts will control and get rid of these insects:

  • The pest control specialists will locate and seal all possible entry points. To prevent more crickets from entering your home, they will find, seal, and caulk cracks, holes, and crevices on the walls. They will do the same on gaps around doors and windows.
  • They will then treat the interior of your home with chemical liquid or granules to eliminate the crickets inside. The pest control team will also do the same outside your home to prevent these pests from entering your home again.
  • Lastly, the experts will vacuum the dead crickets, then bag and dispose of them for you. This is to prevent other pests from going near your home to eat the dead insects.

Once you see the signs of a cricket infestation, don’t delay calling the experts. You will avoid a lot of costly damages. You will get to sleep better at night, too.


What Happens During A Professional Cricket Control Service? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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