green pest control industry

Green Pest Control Industry Grows

Green Pest Control Industry Grows

Kermit the Frog may have sung “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” but the “green movement” is definitely growing more popular each day. Many are making the environmentally responsible change, even if it sometimes means going through a longer process in accomplishing things and spending more money. Advocates and supporters claim that they wish to prevent the consequences of frequently turning to synthetic elements or chemicals from occurring in the future, and to protect the younger generations from suffering.

When it comes to pest control (which used to be deemed effective only if harsh chemicals were used), non-toxic green solutions are rising to great popularity as well and proving that they can be just as powerful in keeping pesky pests at bay. Not only this, the green pest control industry grows steadily because environmental advocates have been presenting solid studies which show that chemicals can make certain pests tougher, and therefore much harder to annihilate. Nobody really likes the idea of mutant pests that refuse to die even if large amounts of pesticides have already been used.

Bees Are Pests Too!

It’s important to mention as well that people are concerned that toxic chemicals do not only get rid of bad insects, but they kill pollinators, too. A large decline in the bee population is attributed to the usage of pesticides with neonicotinoid. Bees are not considered pests by most people; rather, they are garden helpers, and of course, leading providers of honey, which are highly in-demand products for humans. It’s also worth mentioning that chemical pesticides are very harmful to people; they can cause respiratory difficulty and a host of other sensitivities.

On the other hand, green pest control products are certainly much safer. In fact, if you spray them in your home, you won’t even need to vacate it temporarily because ingredients are not harmful to people’s health. Ditto with using them for lawns and gardens—organic ingredients do not have negative effects on the growth of grass and plants. Folks also have the assurance that there’s a lower likelihood of pets and children having a negative reaction to these products, since they don’t introduce foreign, synthetic elements that the body doesn’t recognize.

The No Guilt Way to Control Pests

And lastly, the green pest control industry continues to grow because a lot of people like the freedom from guilt. Nature is already taking its revenge on all the abuses it has sustained from people’s usage of various harmful synthetic chemicals. Sensible folks don’t want to aggravate the situation; rather, they want to prevent things from worsening, and going green by opting for organic products is considered one of the smartest solutions.


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