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How to Get Rid of Lice in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Lice in Your Home

We’ve all experienced lice or know someone who has. Lice can be a nightmare because it can affect those around you and even your home. Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to get rid of this problem on your own. Here are some effective measures that will enable you to contain and finally eliminate your head lice problem.

Identify Everyone At Risk for Lice

Head lice are usually transmitted through physical contact between someone who has the lice and another who doesn’t. The lice can also drop from the head of the infested person and be picked up by another person who gets in contact with that surface. For example, you can get lice from an infested couch.

Your plan to get rid of the lice should start with identifying everyone who may be at risk of having these pests. This may include those members of your family who you are always in close physical contact with. For example, kids who play with other kids at school may have gotten lice from someone else. If this is the case, make sure you notify your child’s school of the possible lice outbreak.

Also, consider the people you share personal care items with, such as combs and towels. Inspect everyone’s scalp so you can locate any head lice nits present within a distance of 1cm from the scalp. Modesto pest control professionals say this distance is important because head lice lay their eggs close to the scalp in order to avail ample warmth for those eggs to hatch. To be safe, we suggest treating everyone who has signs of lice activity.

Launder Lice Infested Items

The next step to getting rid of head lice is to wash all the items that may have come in contact or contain lice. These may include towels, clothes, sheets, pajamas, and pillows. Pest control experts in Modesto recommend that you use the high heat setting when washing these items so that all the lice can be killed.

Make sure to include items that other infected people may have used in the last 48 hours. After 48 hours, lice will not survive without humans.

Hair care items (combs, hair bands, and brushes, for example) also need to be washed thoroughly so that they don’t re-infect those who have been treated or hadn’t been exposed to the lice as yet.

Eliminate Lice Using a Vaccuum

AAI Pest Control advises that you may not need to clean the entire house thoroughly in order to get rid of head lice. As already mentioned, lice tend to stay close to the scalp or on the surfaces such as on car seats and couches. These are the areas where your cleaning efforts should be directed.

Vacuum those spots thoroughly every day so that any lice there can be captured during your cleaning exercise. Do this for several days until no sign of lice remains in the home.

Seal Items You Cannot Vacuum

It may not be possible for you to wash or vacuum all the items that you suspect to contain lice. For example, hair accessories and stuffed toys aren’t easy to wash. Get plastic bags and seal these products in there so that any lice contained in those items can starve to death within the two weeks when the items will remain sealed.

Follow the steps above and head lice will soon be history in your home. Avoid extreme measures, such as using fumigant sprays. Since such products may cause more problems than they solve. If in doubt about a specific approach of dealing with head lice or need professional help, talk to pest control experts at AAI Pest Control and we will gladly address your concerns.

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