Discover the Future of Rodent Control

The Future of Rodent Control

We have been talking a lot about rodents and the havoc they can reek on your home or business in Modesto. Most recently, in our post about the California Drought and its effect on the issue.  Rodent infestation leads to health risks and damages. These pests transmit diseases. They contaminate food. They can chew wires and leave structural damages. So it’s crucial to not only control infestation but also to prevent their entry into your home. The good news is that advances in technology and further knowledge are driving pet management professionals toward better solutions. Let’s take a look into the future of rodent control. 

Innovative Pest Control

The future of rodent control allows for efficiency and accuracy with the use of devices, software, and other advanced technology. It eliminates the guessing game of finding and capturing rodents at any property. The future of pest control will also help pest management companies no longer rely on products that may endanger the health of people.

Record keeping and tracking are now made easy. Electronic documentation provides reports, analysis, and evaluation of programs. Bar-code technology helps pest management companies simply scan their smartphones over equipment to determine rodent activity. Electronically generated maps and graphs will illustrate pest activity—from the interior areas to the exterior areas.

Some pest management control services can also determine activity patterns, which enable adjustment of treatment plans.

Advanced technologies will keep rodents under control faster. They will deliver better results. And they will secure rodent-free properties.

Locating Rodent Nests

One of the newest tools for ridding properties of rodent infestation is infrared technology. Forward Looking Infrared or FLIR technology has turned rodent location into an easy task. In the past, pest control professionals may have had to spend hours setting up traps or using treatment products in areas they thought may have had rodents. With FLIR technology, that kind of “guesstimate” is taken out of the pest control program. FLIR can identify entry points. Instantly, pest control companies know exactly where to focus treatment plans on. FLIR can also locate nests. Its thermal imaging cameras can sense changes in temperature and designate color gradients to single out hot spots of rodent activity.

Another key technology some pest control companies may use is the motion-activated remote game cameras. These cameras record video and photographic imagery of what rodents do at night. By knowing the exact behavior of the rodents invading your property, pest control companies can customize a treatment plan. A tailored rodent control program is certainly more effective and more efficient.

Digital documentation. Efficient monitoring systems. Infrared technology. Motion-activated cameras. These, and perhaps more in the making, are the future of rodent infestation control. With such tools and capabilities from your pest control professional, you may never have to worry about a single rodent in your property ever again.

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