The Importance of Hiring an Eco Friendly Pest Control Company

Eco Friendly Pest Control Company?

Getting rid of the occasional fly, roach or ant inside the house is easy enough. For many, all it takes is a single spritz from a can of chemical insect repellent and the offending creature is gone. You don’t think much about using a pesticide since you only use it sparingly and it gets the job done quickly; afterwards, you just put the can away and get on with your life.

However, when it’s not just an occasional bug, but rather a full-blown infestation inside or outside your house, using up an entire can of pesticide is definitely not the safest and most efficient solution to the problem. This time, it’s best to call in a trusted Modesto eco friendly pest control company to help you get the situation in control and resolved for the long term.

But are all pest control specialists the same? In this day and age wherein there is greater awareness of the need to protect the environment and the health of your family and the rest of the community, it would be a much better move to specifically hire an eco friendly pest control company for the best results all around.

What would be the advantages of hiring an environmentally conscious pest control firm? Provided below are three simple points to consider:

  1. If the pest control team must use chemical products, they choose low-risk options and use them only on the affected areas for minimal exposure. Countless pesticides promise to eradicate infestations in a flash, but such products will also be harmful to human and environmental health. An eco friendly firm will use the least toxic solutions to help prevent exposure to chemicals that are linked to health problems like birth defects, respiratory and reproductive health issues, neurological problems, cancer, and various illnesses in children whose systems are still underdeveloped.
  1. They also make use of more natural alternatives. Some companies make use of beneficial insects to combat pests. These are insects or predators that can be attracted to the house or outdoor space for the purpose of allowing them to feed on the unwanted insects.

Other safe alternatives include the use of powders like diatomaceous earth and boric acid; being stomach poisons, they will cause dehydration and death to the pests that eat them. Diatomaceous earth displays low toxicity to humans and pets, while boric acid is known to have a low acute toxicity and must be handled with relatively more care.

For less serious infestations, there is also always the option of using baits and sticky traps to capture the pests without using chemicals to kill them.

  1. They provide advice on preventing future pest infestations. Pest control experts know their insects and rodents very well, and will know what would make them settle in a person’s home. As such, they are in the best position to share advice on keeping these pests away from property. Simple practices such as keeping the indoors and outdoors clean, sealing cracks and gaps, properly containing wastes, keeping food items covered, and practicing good hygiene for pets and children are important in helping to prevent pest infestations.

If you are struggling with a pest infestation in Modesto, contact AAI Pest Control to learn more about their eco friendly pest control options.

The Importance of Hiring an Eco Friendly Pest Control Company Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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