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Defeating the 5 Most Common Central Valley Fall Pests

1. Ants



Cookies, Cakes, and Pies, Oh my! As you bust out Grandma’s trusty recipe for your holiday goodies, ants are just as eager to have a nibble as your neighbors and relatives. But what kind of people would we be to tell you not to enjoy scrumptious treats this Fall? We advise keeping firewood outside of your home, as ants often cozy up there. Along with this, regular pest control service and crack-sealer around the outside of your home to keep them out.

2. Cockroaches

What do the Grinch and Cockroaches have in common? Well, other than ruining holiday gatherings, they both love damp caves! By fixing leaks in your pipes and drying up wet spots in and around your house, cockroaches won’t want to move in and start a family. Reducing paper and plastic clutter is also key, as roaches love those environments as well. Unless, of course, you’re into the 33 different kinds of asthma-triggering bacteria that cockroaches carry!

3. Rodents


 If mice and rats were half as cute as Pixar movies depict, we’d be out of a job. Fortunately for us, these critters are invasive, dirty, and ugly. Unfortunately for you, a warm winter home is exactly what they’re looking for in the Fall. To keep these furry fiends away, don’t leave trash or food uncovered in and around your house.

4. Stink Bugs


 Will stink bugs kill you? No. Will stink bugs keep your friends from ever coming back for another holiday again? Absolutely. Beyond making a place smell, stink bugs can also munch through clothes and blankets, making Fall in the valley just that much breezier. We recommend vacuuming regularly, patching all window screens, and maintaining regular pest control service.

5. Bed Bugs


What kinds of souvenirs from your summer adventures are you excited to show your relatives this holiday season? Maybe your Hawaiian ukulele you’ve gotten so good at playing? Or is it the selfie stick you used to document your trip and decapitate your friends? Most likely, the itch you feel to go back to your picturesque vacation spot are the bedbugs you brought home with you. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to kill, and while we wish we had a sure-fire, DIY trick, we don’t. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure the bugs are taken care of safely and properly

Defeating the 5 Most Common Central Valley Fall Pests Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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