what do dead roaches in the house mean

What Do Dead Roaches in the House Mean?

What Do Dead Roaches in the House Mean?

You may not need to panic if you have just seen one or more dead roaches in the house. AAI Pest Control, a leading Modesto pest control company, says that such information is an eye-opener for you to conduct a more thorough assessment of the problem so that the best remedy is implemented.

What Dead Roaches in the House Mean

One study suggested that for anyone cockroach you see there may be about 1,000 more hiding in your house. This is because cockroaches are nocturnal creatures which love to hide.

Seeing a live one is even worse because it indicates that the infestation has grown so much that the current population of roaches cannot all fit within the available hiding places.

The live ones you see are therefore looking for additional food sources as well as nesting hideouts.

What to Do After Seeing the Dead Roach

A leading Modesto pest control company recommends that you try to look for the following additional signs of a cockroach infestation in your home.

  • More dead roaches. Move around and observe carefully for any other dead roaches in the house. Pay particular attention to the rooms you don’t use frequently, such as the basement. Look underneath furniture and appliances. The areas in which you spot other dead roaches may guide you about how widespread the infestation is.
  • Egg or shell casings. Look for oval-shaped casings of recently hatched eggs. They are usually brown. Large numbers of these casings are an indication of a serious infestation.
  • Roach droppings. Had you previously paid no attention to the particles that looked like coffee grounds on different surfaces, such as underneath the kitchen sink? Those were most likely roach droppings. The droppings can be mistaken for black pepper. The quantity of the droppings you find will also point to the seriousness of the roach problem in your home.

How to Eliminate Roaches

Liquid or glue traps. These are a good option in case the infestation was in its initial stages. The traps can also give you more proof of how severe the roach infestation is. The more the roaches killed by the traps, the more severe the infestation is likely to be.

Baking soda solution. You can also make your own roach traps using water, baking soda and slices of bread. Pest control experts in Modesto suggest that you mix some baking soda in water and pour that solution into different open containers. Next, place a slice of bread in the middle of the container having the baking soda/water solution. The bread will lure the roaches into the container and the solution will kill roaches. You can also make a solution using boric acid or vinegar instead of baking soda.

  1. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth (DE) in the places where you suspect roach activity. This powder is safe for pets and humans, but it will kill any roaches that walk over it.

Roach Prevention

Use the following measures to stop roaches from being attracted to your home.

Clean often. Clean and wipe down any food preparation surfaces, such as kitchen counters. It is also important to clean all floors frequently since the dust on those floors can harbor roaches. Tiny food particles can also remain unseen on a floor that isn’t cleaned regularly. Proper food storage (in a fridge or airtight containers) should also be part of your attempts at cleanliness.

Seal cracks and holes. Most roach infestations begin when a hole or crack isn’t sealed quickly, thereby allowing roaches to get in from outdoors. Make it a habit to inspect the exterior of your home for any cracks and holes. Seal them promptly so that any pests outside stay out of your home.

Fix water leaks. Roaches will not survive if they stay long without water. Fix any leaks in your pipes and faucets so that you eliminate this important aspect of a cockroach’s life. Mop up any water that spills onto the floor and wipe down any counters or surfaces which have just been cleaned.

AAI Pest Control Can Help

As stated earlier, cockroaches can stay hidden and you will not even notice that they are present in your home. The measures in the discussion above may go a long way towards controlling the infestation, but you should consider contacting AAI Pest Control for help if you still detect signs of roach activity in your home. Otherwise, you risk exposing your family to the different diseases which are transmitted by these filthy pests.

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