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Common Commercial Pest Control Problems

Common Commercial Pest Control Problems

Pests are active throughout the year, so owners and managers of commercial properties should not let their guard down in the fight to keep pests out of the premises. This vigilance is necessary whether you are in the food service industry or you own a manufacturing facility. Pests can cause both structural problems on the building and put the health of your employees and clients at risk. This article discusses some of the common commercial pest control problems that are unique to commercial properties.

Pest Control Problems in Housing Facilities

Housing facilities are commercial premises that are primarily used to provide accommodation to the building occupants. These include multi-family apartment buildings and hotels. AAI Pest Control has identified the following common commercial pest control problems you’ll need to keep at bay.

  • Houseflies

Houseflies don’t bite humans, but they can contaminate food and trigger disease outbreaks if sufficient pest control measures aren’t instituted to deal with the problem proactively. Commercial property owners and managers have the responsibility to ensure that flies don’t infiltrate the property and grow into a full-fledged infestation. Stockton pest control experts recommend the implementing a prevention plan. By the time a fly is seen, the damage has already been done to the reputation and safety of your commercial premises.

  • Cockroaches and Bedbugs

These are by far the most difficult pests to deal with once an infestation has taken root in a commercial building. This is because these pests are so hardy and can survive on very little. For example, bedbugs have been known to go for several months without consuming blood, only to emerge and start feeding once an opportunity presents itself.

Cockroaches and bedbugs are also very good at eluding detection, so the sight of one means that a major infestation has already taken root. Nothing will send away potential building occupants or guests (in the case of hotels) than the presence of roaches and bedbugs.

Hire experienced Stockton pest control experts if you receive reports that roaches and bedbugs are inside your commercial property. Those experts will implement a treatment plan that will eradicate the pests quickly.

  • Rodents and Wasps

Rodents, such as rats and mice, can do serious damage to the building. It’s important to take prompt action and eliminate them once their presence is detected. Wasps pose more of a safety risk to the building occupants because their stings can cause a lot of pain. Their nests can also cause cosmetic problems in the commercial building.

Pest Control Problems in Nursing Homes and Hospitals

The commercial buildings housing nursing homes and hospitals must adhere to extremely high standards of hygiene in order to safeguard the patients and their caregivers, from cross-contamination as a result of the activity of different pests.

Pest control in Stockton nursing homes and hospitals mainly deals with flies, rodents, and cockroaches. Bedbugs rarely show up in these facilities because of the extreme care taken for each patient. 

The roaches, flies, and rodents are mainly attracted by the garbage generated in these facilities. Wastes need to be disposed appropriately so that pests aren’t given a chance to thrive in and around the premises.

Pest Control Problems in Food Service Facilities

Food service facilities, such as restaurants, are particularly prone to flies, rodents, and roaches. This is because the food prepared and stored in these places is a strong attraction for these pests. The dangers posed by the pests make such premises the target of strict health and safety inspections. It is therefore vital for you as a business owner or manager to design a foolproof pest control prevention plan. Just so that contamination by pests is avoided. AAI Pest Control can save you time by fixing the solution and preventing future pest control problems. 

It is harder to keep pests at bay on your own in a commercial property. This is because of the large number of people that use that building on a daily basis. Partnering with a reputable Stockton pest control company like AAI Pest Control can fix your commercial pest control problem. Contact us today and we will design a custom pest control solution for your commercial property.

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