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Cockroach Hiding Places

Top 8 Cockroach Hiding Places Inside Your Home

You may be wondering why cockroaches keep suddenly showing up in your home even when you don’t see any obvious signs of their presence in your living space. The experts at AAI Pest Control, a reputable pest control company in Modesto, explain that roaches are masters of hiding and their favorite hiding places maybe some of the places where you least expect these pests to be. Here is a list of some of the places where those elusive cockroaches in your home may be hiding.

Cockroaches Hiding Inside Appliances

Appliances provide one of the best hiding places for cockroaches in your home. This is because there is plenty of secluded space inside the appliances for the roaches to reside. For example, the pests may hide inside the motor of your garbage disposal or microwave. The food particles that remain in the appliances also provide ample food to keep the cockroaches well fed in the dark recesses of your appliances. Matters get worse for you (and better for the roaches) if any of those appliances haven’t been used for a while. Chances are you will find when most of the wires have been eaten through by these pests. Or worse, you could find cockroach eggs.

Cockroaches Hiding In Your Furniture

You may be surprised to hear that there could be dozens or even hundreds of roaches hanging out with you when you are sitting in your favorite couch, only that the roaches will be out of sight. Experienced professionals from Modesto pest control companies say that furniture often has seams and soft fabrics which provide ample hiding places for cockroaches. Even more roaches will take up residence inside your furniture if the underside of that furniture has any kind of damage that allows cockroaches to get in.

Cockroaches hiding in Wall Décor

Wall décor, such as framed pictures and wallpaper, provides another excellent sanctuary for cockroaches. The darkness and tight spaces available in that wall décor provide an ideal environment for the pests to stay hidden until you retire for the night. Then the roaches emerge from their hiding places to forage for food and water.

Cockroaches Hiding Inside Cabinets

The cabinets in your home, especially those in the kitchen, should be the first places where you want to look if you are searching for the places where cockroaches are hiding in your home. Cabinets have dark corners where roaches can hide and lay their eggs. The cabinets in your kitchen also give the roaches an opportunity to feed on the food items that you store in those cabinets. Chances are therefore high that if there are cockroaches in your home, some will be found hiding in your cabinets.

Cockroaches Hiding In and Around Your Sinks

Sinks are another attractive hiding place for cockroaches in your home. This is because these pests are sure to find some water in and around sinks, and water is one of the major factors that cockroaches consider when looking for a place to call home. The underside of the sinks also provides some dark, possibly moist surfaces for roaches to enjoy. The applicators at AAI Pest Control say the odds of having cockroaches hiding out in or around your sinks increase if the drains or plumbing system is damaged in any way since this allows the pests to get into the pipes close to your sinks.

Cockroaches Hiding in Bookshelves

No, the cockroaches aren’t trying to be homeschooled by living in your bookshelves. Instead, these pests find the tight spaces between the stacks of books ideal for them to hide. Some species of roaches also enjoy feasting on the glue used to bind your books, so a bookshelf provides both shelter and food to such cockroaches. Besides, how often do you move the books around on your bookshelf? Rarely, I guess. And that is another reason why roaches will hide out amongst your books. The pests are sure that they will remain undisturbed during the hours when you are active, and the pests can emerge to roam your home once you turn out the lights at the end of your day.

Cockroaches Hiding in Pipes

The different types of pipes in your home, such as plumbing pipes, also create excellent hiding spaces for cockroaches. Sewer pipes are particularly notorious for harboring cockroaches because the dark, moist conditions in there are irresistible to roaches. Additionally, the mold and organic matter flowing through those pipes ensure that the pests have an inexhaustible supply of food. You should therefore immediately know that the pipes in your home are playing host to roaches if you ever see a wet one crawling about your house.

Cockroaches Hiding Inside Ceilings

The ceiling is usually dark most of the time, and such an environment is ideal for cockroaches. Some sections of the ceiling may also be moist due to roof leaks or condensation from your HVAC system. Modesto pest control company employees suggest that you should look no further than your ceiling if the cockroach problem in your home has persisted despite all your other efforts to end the infestation once and for all.

As you can see, cockroaches are opportunistic and will take advantage of any place in your home where they can find shelter and food. It is therefore advisable for you to contact us at AAI Pest Control if you have sighted cockroaches anywhere in your home. Our experienced professionals will conduct a thorough inspection and design a customized treatment plan to flush out and eliminate all the pests from their hiding places.

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