Cockroach Breeding Habits

Cockroach Breeding Habits and How to Control Them

Cockroach Breeding Habits and How to Control Them

Fact of Life: Animals Reproduce

Some animals produce really cute offspring and they’re definitely worth waiting for. And then, there are others that you wish would stop breeding and bringing more of their kind into the world, such as cockroaches. Unfortunately, there always seem to be more cockroaches than cute puppies and kittens in the world.

Cockroach breeding habits are pretty much the same across all species so if you wish to discourage breeding, here are the things you need to know.

  • Cockroaches generally prefer warm, humid, dark areas. According to a Modesto pest control company, these areas in your home are the basement, under your sink, cupboards, and pretty much any place where there are plumbing pipes. If the roaches have the instinct to breed, these are the places they’ll go.
  • Outdoors, cockroaches usually breed where their food needs are met, such as trashcans, waste disposal systems, and where there are piles of paper, boxes and plastic. So if you want to prevent cockroaches from breeding where you are, cleanliness is key – make sure you don’t have towers of paper products and plastic around.
  • Some cockroaches like wood – just like termites. Since wood is moist and musty, they attract roaches that want to populate and proliferate.
  • While cockroaches move around in groups, they usually divide themselves into equal groups to fit in the smallest number of other enclosures. However, if there’s a big enough space, they will stick together.

Controlling Cockroach Breeding Habits

Now, in terms of controlling cockroaches’ breeding habits and preventing the growth of their population, there are different ways of going about this. First is by making sure that they have no easy access to food. At home, never leave food and dirty dishes out, and dispose of garbage properly. Likewise, keep surfaces clean – there are cleaning products that actually repel roaches that you can use.

The second way of controlling the cockroach population is through annihilation; traps can be used to kill the roaches. But for a quicker job, poison remains to be the best solution (however, they’re bad for you as well).

Yucky Living Spots

A third strategy would be getting rid of places that cockroaches can inhabit such as cracks and holes in the building structure. Cockroaches can also occupy moldy spots (roaches love mold), and trash pile-ups.

And the last one is by having exterminators take care of the problem. These Stockton pest control professionals have a variety of methods and products that have been proven the most effective. With their services, you can have the peace of mind that these freaky little creatures are not sharing the place you live.

Cockroach Breeding Habits and How to Control Them Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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