Cockroach and Mice Dangers

Why the presence of rodents is more than a simple pest control problem

Your home is your sanctuary, your private space, your shelter. You want to be able to go about your daily routines inside your house without fear of any danger to your person or discomfort that could prevent you from fully enjoying the space.

It can take some work to keep your house clean, free of damage that could impair its integrity, and comfortable for all members of the household and guests, but the returns are absolutely worth it. There’s no better feeling than being able to sit, lie down, or walk barefoot and otherwise on clean and uncluttered surfaces, to eat without worrying that the food will make you sick, and to have full knowledge that only your family moves about in this cherished space.

Enter the uninvited

Unfortunately, no matter how diligently you clean and keep your house in shape, there’ always the possibility that your home could be serving as shelter for unwanted pests like rodents. Rodents like mice and cockroaches are not always a sign of a messy living space, they are more common than you might think.

According to the 2013 American Housing Survey, the presence of cockroaches and mice at home points to the top two home deficiencies, and one in 10 occupants who participated in the study have noted signs of these two organisms in their home.

Left unchecked, the presence of mice and cockroaches can quickly snowball into an infestation that can leave your beloved home soiled and damaged, thus affecting the quality of the life you lead within it.

Here are three main reasons why discovering mice and cockroaches in your house spell bad news for the household:

They wreak havoc on your health.

It’s no secret why cockroaches are popularly despised and are considered one of the most reviled pests around—they have been studied and found to spread at least six types of parasitic worms, 33 different kinds of bacteria, and many other known human pathogens. Mice, on the other hand, can introduce other pests like lice, ticks and mites into the home. Both also carry allergens that can cause or aggravate allergies or asthma in people.

Because both organisms are known to crawl around and thrive in dirty and unsavory environments, finding them inside your house means that they are spreading the filth all across the property. And there’s never just one or two; as common knowledge dictates, if you find one cockroach or mouse inside your house, you can bet that there are dozens or hundreds more already hidden inside. That’s certainly not a comforting thought.

They cause physical damage to your property.

Mice are known to chew through all kinds of solid objects and surfaces such as wires, wooden structures, walls, furniture, fabrics, books, and just about anything that they may consider food or want to pass through. This can be a problem since chew marks on wood are unsightly and damaging, and there’s the bigger problem of mice chewing through electrical wires. This kind of damage can create a risk for fires in the home.

They can make selling the house a struggle.

If selling your home in the future is in your plans, the presence of mice and cockroaches can prevent you from making a proper sale. Potential buyers will not want to move into a house with an infestation issue, so the value of the property will have to be lowered if you want to be able to sell.
To gain back the clean, pristine and pest-free condition of your home, your best move would be to call in the trusted pest control specialists in your area. They will have the right training, knowledge, tools and experience to address this problem and leave your home without a single trace of these uninvited pests.

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