Bugs are attracted to your home

Why Bugs Are Attracted To Your Home: Pros Share 6 Reasons

Although you may already know that leaving food on the ground is a good way of attracting pests, you may be surprised by the different things that will encourage bugs to establish residence in your house. A Modesto pest control company shares reasons why bugs are attracted to your home below.

6 Reasons Why Bugs and Pests Infest Your Home

1. Damaged Screens and Door Gaps

It may seem that the small imperfections in your door and windows screens are not huge problems, but bugs can easily crawl their way through these tiny holes. So you must not give them that chance. As soon as you notice some flaws in your window and door screens, you need to repair or replace them instantly.

Always keep your property’s foundation in mind when thinking of keeping bugs out of your home. You need to inspect your property regularly and close any access route going inside.

2. Cluttered Areas

Clutter, be it indoors or outdoors, can easily attract bugs to your home. Piles of toys, books, cinderblocks, and others can provide habitat to different insects. So you need to tidy up your house, not just inside but exteriorly outside as well.

3. Moisture

Similar to human beings, insects need water to survive. Although some get their water from the food they eat, most bugs will rely on moisture in the environment.

If you have leaky sink taps and faucets or areas in your lawn where water pools, you are basically providing the insects an open bar. Keep bugs away from your property by repairing any drips or leaks as well as filling in the areas that are prone to puddles. You have to make sure that there are no areas with standing water in your yard. Furthermore, you must not leave any pet water bowl outside your house.

4. Exposed Food Sources

Bugs are happy to eat human food, such as grains and proteins. Invest in insect-proof storage solutions if you often leave food out. Also, make sure that countertops are clean. Aside from that, store pet kibble in sealed containers and don’t leave bowls of food out at night.

5. Dusty Vacuum

A dusty vacuum means you are not regularly vacuuming your house. To get rid of crumbs that can attract pests into your home, regular vacuuming is very important. Moreover, you will most likely remove eggs that bugs have laid indoors if you vacuum regularly.

6. Dirty Neighborhood

Even when you have sealed all cracks in your home and you have implemented the right pest control methods, there is still a great chance that bugs will find their way to your home because of your neighbors. Talk to your neighbor regarding your pest control issues and have a reputable pest control company spray your property’s perimeter to keep bugs at bay.

But what if the bugs have infested your home already? Do not hesitate to call your local Modesto pest control company now.

Why Bugs Are Attracted To Your Home: Pros Share 6 Reasons Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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