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Bed Bug Service | What’s Included?

What Is Included With Bed Bug Service?

The bed bug is one common pest that homeowners pray hard not to find within their property. There are enough horror stories going around of people who have had to turn their homes upside down to get rid of these pesky bugs and restore the health and cleanliness of their household.

Why the horror?

Bed bugs are tiny and quite difficult to spot, and when you do see them, they might appear much like any other common household insect. Generally, you’ll know that you have bed bugs at home when you begin noticing skin irritations like rashes on you or on other members of your household. You’ll also know that you have bed bugs when you inspect your sheets, mattresses and headboards and see tiny black spots of dried blood; that’s a sign that the bugs have been feeding.

If you find signs of an emerging or full-blown bed bug infestation, there’s no time to fret about it — you need to act fast, and the best move you can make is to get in touch with your trusted Modesto pest control company so that they can address the problem immediately and employ the proper techniques for eliminating the bed bugs.

What is included with bed bug service, you ask? Here is a brief overview of what your hired pest control specialists will do when they get to your property:


The bedroom is the first place that the pest control experts will check. They will examine each piece of furniture, the carpets, and the immediate surrounding area for live or dead bed bugs, eggs, molted shells or fecal material.

Once they confirm that there are indeed bed bugs in your home, the exterminators can make use of various treatment methods, depending on the particular situation.

Pesticide application

Powder chemicals are typically used for open or void spaces. Meanwhile, liquid pesticides are better options for treating cracks and crevices. These pesticides kill bed bugs upon contact.


The house will be covered with tarpaulin that is anchored using large containers of water. Vikane gas will be pumped into the house and spread around using strategially placed fans.

Steam treatment

Pest control experts will bring in a powerful steam cleaner to clean mattresses, curtains, and even cracks on the wall. It works by using water vapor to penetrate materials and effectively kill bed bugs and eggs. More than one pass may be needed to completely eliminate the bed bugs.

Heat treatment

Because bed bugs cannot survive in high temperatures, some pest control companies pump heated air into the house (up to 120 degrees) to kill bed bugs as well as their eggs. Plastic items must be removed from the home prior to treatment.

Home remedies and simple home cleaning methods may not work to thoroughly get rid of your bed bug infestation; when done improperly, these methods may even spread the pests around the house rather than get rid of them. To ensure that the problem is addressed successfully, call your local pest control company in Modesto as soon as possible. Contact AAI Pest Control to perform a bed bug service in your home. 

Bed Bug Service | What’s Included? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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