Bed Bugs Debunked

7 Common Myths About Bed Bugs Debunked

7 Common Myths About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often active at night when people are already sleeping. Adult bed bugs can grow to about ¼ inch long, which is big enough to be easily seen; however, they usually hide in cracks in floors, walls or furniture. They feed on human blood to grow and reproduce.

In the recent years, there has been an enormous amount of misinformation being spread regarding these blood-sucking parasites. Cited below are some myths about bed bugs:

Myth: Bed bugs can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Truth: Yes, bed bugs are small, but they are not microscopic. You can see them even without a magnifier because the bed bug nymph is about the size of a poppy seed. From there, it grows to about the size of a lentil or an apple seed.

Myth: You have bed bugs if you wake up with bug bites.

Truth: People always think that bed bugs are the culprit if they wake up having mysterious bites on their skin. But there are other arthropods that can cause bite marks – these include mites, bat bugs, and fleas. Moreover, there are medical conditions that will cause symptoms that are quite similar to bug bites. So if the marks persist but there is no sign of infestation, consult your physician right away.

Myth: Bed bugs will only live in dirty buildings.

Truth: Bed bugs can live both in clean and dirty buildings. As long as there is blood pumping through your veins to give them a meal, they will take up residence in your abode. So hotels and resorts are not an exemption when it comes to bed bug infestation. However, the presence of clutter will make it harder for you to eradicate bed bugs if they are already in your home since they will hide in there.

Myth: Bed bugs bite only when it is dark.

Truth: Bed bugs only prefer to bite when it’s dark, but light will not stop hungry bed bugs from biting you. Leaving your lights on all night won’t prevent these parasites from biting you — it will only deprive you of a good night’s sleep.

Myth: Bed bugs live only in mattresses.

Truth: Bed bugs also live in couches, carpets, closets, dressers, and other places you would never think to check, such as in picture frames. In fact, they can also be found on commuter trains, inside movie theaters, and other places where people gather.

Myth: Bed bugs jump and fly.

Truth: Unlike fleas or grasshoppers, bed bugs are not equipped for jumping or hopping. Moreover, they do not have wings so they cannot fly. They just crawl. So if you are battling bed bugs, create barriers to prevent them from climbing onto your bed.

Myth: Bed bugs will transmit diseases to people.

Truth: According to scientists, there is no evidence proving that bed bugs can transmit diseases to human hosts. Hence, they are just a nuisance pest and not a health threat. But still, they can pose health risks because some can have allergic reactions to their bites. Some people may even suffer from secondary infections.

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