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6 Myths You’ve Been Led to Believe About Spiders

Spider Fact Check

Majority of people these days are extremely scared of spiders. This is because people mistake the myths they hear about spiders for facts. For example, haven’t you always assumed that a spider is an insect? Well, here are some of the top eight spider myths that you should no longer believe.

Myth 1: All Spiders Spin Webs and Live in Them

It is incorrect to assume that all spider species spin webs and live in those webs. Webs are just a tool, and not every spider needs that tool. For example, some spider species spin webs and use them to trap their prey. However, others stalk and hunt their prey, so they have no need for webs. Meanwhile, other spiders use webs as parachutes to move from one place to another. Spider webs aren’t houses, so spiders don’t live in them.

Myth 2: All Spider Webs Are “Cobwebs”

Haven’t you always assumed that a spider web is called a “cobweb”? Sorry to disappoint you, but not every spider web is a cobweb. In fact, a cobweb is a specific type of web spun by a particular type of spider. Actually, most of the spider webs you see aren’t cobwebs. Cobwebs are messy and three-dimensional, the kind of stuff that will spook you if you encountered it in a dark, isolated location. So, how do you know the right name for the different webs you see? That is too complicated to explain, so just play it safe and refer to them as spider webs.

Myth 3: Spiders Bite You as You Sleep

Do you lie wide awake for hours on end fearing that a spider will bite you as soon as you fall asleep? Well, worry no more because that is a classic myth. Spiders have no interest in biting you because you aren’t spider food. Experts at AAI Pest Control say that spiders can distinguish between what they feed on and humans. Also, spiders don’t bother what they will not eat. Furthermore, the mouthparts of most spiders aren’t strong enough to pierce human skin. Only a few species, such as the black widow spider, can pierce human skin, spreading toxins.

Myth 4: A Spider is Lurking Every Three Feet Away

If you fear spiders, this particular myth is bound to keep you on edge every waking moment. But just take a moment and think about it, is it really true that there is a spider every three feet? Not every location is ideal for spiders to stay or find food. For example, you are more likely to find spiders in the dark undergrowth in a forest while the possibility of finding a spider in a plane is slim. Modesto pest control professionals debunk this myth on a near-daily basis as they interact with their clients. The number of spiders in your vicinity will depend on how favorable the conditions are for these creatures.

Myth 5: Spiders Are Lurking Under Your Toilet Seat

Now, this myth has scared countless people for decades, and it continues to do so. AAI Pest Control experts explain that this spider myth started in 1999 and it has persisted in different forms. However, have no fear. Spiders are unlikely to hide out under your toilet seat because they don’t stand a chance of finding their food there. Furthermore, any spider that accidentally finds itself under your toilet seat will be afraid of you and stay out of your way.

Myth 6: 8 Spiders Go Down Your Throat Each Year

Another of the common spider myths claims that everyone swallows at least eight spiders while they sleep each year. This is as false as spider myths come. So many circumstances have to exist at precisely the right moment for you to swallow a live spider in your sleep. For example, a spider has to step into your mouth just as you yawn (can you even imagine yawning while you sleep?). Forget it; no spider will go down your throat as you sleep.

The best way to tell fact from myth is to consult experts or research before making any conclusions. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals from AAI Pest Control about spider myths or myths about any other pest. We will gladly set the record straight, and equip you with all the information that you need to keep your home free from those pests.

6 Myths You’ve Been Led to Believe About Spiders Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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