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5 Spring Pest Control Tips

5 Spring Pest Control Tips

The beginning of spring breathes new life into nearly everything. Unfortunately, pests also get a new lease of life once spring begins. This is the reason why you need to be extra vigilant about your pest control measures as the cold months end and warmer months beckon. Here are some spring pest control tips recommended by AAI Pest Control, a pest control company in Modesto, CA.

Proper Storage or Disposal of Food

One of the most basic requirements of all forms of life, including pests, is food. You can, therefore, bet your last dollar that your home will provide sanctuary to all manner of pests if you aren’t particular about the way you store food or dispose of food wastes.

Modesto pest control experts suggest that you begin by keeping all food in tightly covered containers. Next, ensure that your trash bin can be covered tightly at all times. This will prevent pests, such as rodents and roaches, from nesting close to this bountiful source of food. You should also be mindful about how you store pet food. Don’t leave it in the open because pests will thrive on this free meal.

Ensure That the Perimeter is Devoid of Gaps

It may be very hard to keep your entire environment free from pests, but you can at least make sure that pests don’t get into your home. One of the easiest ways to keep pests out is by checking the perimeter of your home for any gaps or cracks that can allow pests to get in. Seal those cracks and always make sure that no exterior door is left open for any length of time because pests can easily sneak in unnoticed.

It is also wise to replace any weather-stripping that has deteriorated over time because pests, such as cockroaches, are ingenious and will squeeze through the tiniest of spaces in order to enter your home.

Limit Moisture Availability

One of the biggest attractions of pests to any home is moisture. Most pests, such as cockroaches, will quickly die if they cannot find a supply of water. Don’t think that only major leaks deserve attention as you fight pests. Even a few drops of water under the kitchen sink can sustain a pest infestation.

Pest control in Modesto, CA should, therefore, start by fixing any sources of water leaks within the home. Special attention should be devoted to the basement and other isolated sections of the home where pests can live undetected for long. Clean out the gutter system and ensure that there is no standing moisture in there. Check the yard for any items that may collect water, such as old tires and rotting wood.

Clean Meticulously

Springtime is synonymous with cleaning, and this practice is a good one from a pest control perspective. Create a cleaning routine that includes sweeping, drain cleaning, mopping and garbage disposal. You also need to schedule time for deep cleaning and decluttering at least twice every year.

If you haven’t already, use this new season as an excuse to develop a new habit of cleaning up any food spills promptly so that pests aren’t attracted to those crumbs or spills.

Another important aspect of cleanliness is the proper storage of all the food in your home. Don’t rely on paper bags to keep your food safe. Instead, opt for plastic containers that can be sealed tight.

Partner With AAI Pest Control

By the time you spot a single pest, a full-blown infestation may be underway. Partnering with a reputable pest control company in Modesto, CA such as AAI Pest Control can ensure that your home will have all-year-round protection against pests. This routine pest control will avert pest attacks long before they happen. Our experts will also give you advice about the best preventive steps to take during the different seasons of the year so that you avoid the costs and inconveniences associated with scrambling to stamp out an infestation after it has occurred.

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