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3 Common Types of House Spiders in California

The most common house spiders in Northern California

No other type of pest can evoke terror more than the lowly spider. An 8-legged, hairy (and large) crawler can easily and quickly send anyone screaming and running away as far as possible.

In California, certain species of house spiders are more common than others. These include:

  1. The common house spider – Also known as the domestic house spider and the barn funnel weaver spider, this is quite common in many homes. They weave funnel-shaped webs with a hole in the center.  Their webs can be mostly found tucked in the corners of windows and ceilings. Domestic house spiders are not aggressive and will simply run away when their web is destroyed or disturbed.
  2. The American house spider – Another common house spider, the American house spider can be distinguished by the tangled webs they create which look like the fake spider webs you typically see during Halloween. They prefer weaving their webs and residing in the attic, basements, or windows. Like the common house spider, they are not aggressive and do not bite when threatened.
  3. Black widow – Black widows are quite common in California. They are easy to identify since they have red hourglass markings on their backs. They are one of the most venomous spiders around. People who have been bitten by a black widow may experience nausea, muscle aches, and difficulty in breathing since their diaphragms have already been paralyzed.
  4. Brown recluse – One of the most dangerous species of spiders, brown recluse spiders are distinguished by a violin-shaped marking on their cephalothorax. As their name suggests, they are brown in color and have six eyes that are arranged in a triad. Their bites are very painful and their venom has the ability to destroy the tissues on the area where they injected their toxin.

Dealing With Spiders and Keeping Them Away From Your Home

To prevent spiders from invading your home, make sure you properly seal holes, crevices, and cracks which they can use to crawl inside your house. Get rid of items that they can use to hide in, such as old cardboard boxes that aren’t sealed properly in the attic, basement, or garage. Spiders also eat a variety of insects including crickets, moths, mosquitoes, and even roaches; if you have these pests in your home, get rid of them to avoid attracting arachnids.

If you see a poisonous spider inside or outside your home or there are too many for you to vacuum or kill using an insecticide, it is best to call the experts from a Modesto pest control company. Their staff are fully trained and have the necessary tools and equipment to safely get rid of venomous spiders and to deal with an infestation.

3 Common Types of House Spiders in California Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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