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3 Annoying Spring Pests You Should Stay Away From

Nobody likes annoying spring pests. Whether you are suffering an infestation problem at home or in the office, it is always best to consult reliable pest extermination experts like Modesto to aid you in driving away annoying little bugs that not only damage your property, but can also be detrimental to your health.

They may seem small, but pests can create a huge impact in one’s peaceful lifestyle. Regardless of the kind of pest you are dealing with, you should be well aware of what they can do, what they actually look like, and how you can eliminate them.

Pavement Ants

Although they do not often cause harmful diseases like roaches do, pavement ants are still a nuisance in the kitchen. They forage for food (sugar, more often than not) while they build a large nest in your house or office which they access through small cracks or creases. What makes them more infuriating is that they sting or bite with their strong pincers, causing an unbearable itch in your body. What you can do to prevent such pests from invading your space is to regularly clean your room, even the small tight corners. Without breeding grounds, pavement ants cannot multiply in large numbers.


One of the most destructive and frustrating species of insect is Isoptera or more commonly known as the termite. A small pack of termites can easily damage the foundations of your house if not exterminated immediately. They gnaw on wood and leave nasty shavings afterwards, causing walls, roofs, and staircases to deteriorate. As aggravating as they are, there are several methods of keeping them away. One is through the removal of wood-to-soil contact in your home. Another technique is sealing all holes and possible access points in your home.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs don’t just cause damage to houses and possessions like other pests do — they also leave a foul smell that can make you lose your appetite. They are more bothersome than any other insect there is.

Putting preventive measures in place is always the best step in keeping your home or office pest-free. The best way to do this is by not leaving piles of trash and clutter everywhere. Always make it a point to regularly clean every corner of every space to make sure that no bugs can breed and take refuge in the room. If you are suffering from an infestation contact us today!

3 Annoying Spring Pests You Should Stay Away From Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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