If you’re in Stockton, CA, that means you have access to some of the state’s major cities. It also means that some of California’s pests may have access to your home or business. There are a myriad of pests that call the Golden State home and you don’t want an infestation of any of them. The professionals at AAI Pest Control are experts in Stockton, CA, pest control and have been helping residents and business owners keep their properties safe for decades. Here’s a look at some of the areas we specialize in.

Residential Pest Control

Stockton is a popular place for many Californians to reside. It’s also a popular place for pests to call home. While living in this area is great, no one wants to share their home with the creepiest and crawliest creatures. Our residential Stockton, CA, pest control services get to the source of the problem and focus on prevention, too. AAI’s four-step process helps to target the issue, eliminate the problem, and lay the groundwork to prevent it from happening again.

We first schedule a meeting to get a background on any pest issues you may have had in the past so we know what to be prepared for and to custom-fit our services to your needs. We then  inspect your property for any obvious trouble spots and seek to identify how the problem pest is getting in. We then treat those specific trouble spots so that pests don’t have a place to enter and cause an infestation. We’re not done until you sign off on the job and our service agreements are guaranteed on a by-service basis. So if you’re not satisfied with our work, we come back and make it right at no additional cost to you.

Commercial Pest Control

Owning a business means you have a lot on your plate – pests shouldn’t be one of those things. AAI’s Stockton, CA pest control services are designed to take the stress of pests off your shoulders. Creatures like termites, roaches, and rodents are more than just an annoyance – they can compromise your operation and damage your reputation. We offer a wide-range of competitively priced services for Stockton and the surrounding area. Our goal is to partner with you to keep your business pest-free and running smoothly. We work with your schedule because we know any disruption to business impacts the bottom line. Our experts help you target immediate pest issues and map out a long-term solution for pest prevention. We also use eco-conscious products to keep your business and customers in mind.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of. They’re elusive and once they take up residence in your home or business, it can be a huge problem. These pests feed on humans by piercing our skin and drinking our blood. They reproduce rapidly, with females laying up to 500 eggs at a time. Not only do they attack humans, bed bugs have a stink gland that can make your home or business smell. They hitchhike wherever they like, so it’s quite easy for one to set up shop and begin to cause an infestation. Ridding yourself of bed bugs requires using several methods including vacuuming, high-temperature washing, sealing hiding places, and using insecticide. Professional help is almost always required to deal with a bed bug problem.

Rodent Control

Rodents are a very common pest that we treat for. Our Stockton, CA, pest control services target the variety of rodents that call California home. Because these pests reproduce quickly, a small problem can rapidly turn into a large infestation. Rodents feed on a myriad of things but love human food and can gain access to it in a variety of spots including the trash or pantry. Their sharp teeth chew through lots of materials to gain access to sustenance and to create nests. Rats and rodents can fit through tiny spaces and jump long distances so your property can truly be their playground. They also know how to survive so once they’ve established themselves, they’re very hard to get rid of.

Gopher/Ground Squirrel Control

Gophers and ground squirrels might be cute to some but they can destroy a nice lawn or garden. These creatures feast on vegetation in both and can cause a huge mess of your landscaping, not to mention torture your pets. Gophers aren’t deterred by fences because they burrow deep underground as a form of transport and habitation. They don’t bother humans and run when spotted, but they can fight your pets and make your garden or lawn a disaster. They can even compromise any buildings or structures you have on your property. While there are many DIY solutions, most of them rarely solve the problem.

Termite Services

Termites eat wood 24/7, so these pests can quickly cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to your home or business. There are several termite species native to California and all of them are destructive. If you think you may have a termite infestation, don’t hesitate to call our experts for Stockton, CA, pest control. We focus on luring termites away from your structure by burning stations underground that feature a substance more appealing than wood. Termites feed on the bait then take it back to the nest where the rest of the colony is destroyed. We also send inspectors out annually to ensure your problem hasn’t returned.

Green Pro Services

As a GreenPro Certified company providing Stockton, CA, pest control services we know that doing our part for the environment and our community is important.. Chemicals can impact the world around us, so AAI is committed to eco-friendly services through our Green Pro Certification treatments. We take great pride in giving our clients options. If you’re sensitive to chemicals or have pets or littles at home, our GreenPro Certified treatments can help keep your home pest-free without harm.As a GreenPRO Certified company, we offer GreenPro Services utilizing eco-conscious treatment methods and products. Our service technicians, managers, and salespeople have been trained, tested, and certified so you know that we all understand the process.

Pest problems are no joke but we can help! If you have a pest problem or are looking for a prevention solution, let the experts at AAI work with you to figure it out and keep your property pest-free. Contact us today for a free quote.

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