Bird mites, also called chicken mites, are incredibly tiny pests that primarily feed off of the skin of birds, most notably, chickens. You may not even see them because they are 1/32 inch long. Their color ranges from white to gray, black, and red depending on how recently they have fed.

What attracts bird mites to my home?

Even if you don’t have a chicken coop on your property, bird mites can still get into your home. A lot of people experience bird mite infestations when they bring home new pet birds or gerbils from pet stores that are already infested with bird mites. Common nuisance birds that are prone to nesting in attics like pigeons can introduce bird mites into your home. Bird mites are able to survive within residential homes and even commercial structures such as office buildings when infested birds roost and continue to live indoors. As long as they can find a live host, bird mites will persist.

Are bird mites dangerous?

Bird mites can bite humans, but they cannot survive as a parasite on humans. However, if infected birds remain in your home, they can continue to bite you and cause extreme itching. Without professional pest control services, bird mites will continue once they find a viable host within your home. Fortunately, bird mites do not pass on diseases to humans.

How can I prevent bird mites from getting into my home?

You can prevent bird mites from getting into your home by sealing your attic. By repairing any broken vents and sealing openings, birds won’t be able to enter and create a nest. If you own chickens or purchase a pet bird, check for excessive scratching. This could indicate a bird mite infestation. Contact your veterinarian if you suspect bird mites on your pets.

What Are Bird Mites? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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