Living in Tracy, CA, means you have access to lots of the best parts the state has to offer, but it might also mean that you have to deal with pest problems. There are a variety of pests that also call California home and knowing what to look for and who to contact is key in protecting your property. Professionals like those at AAI Pest Control are experts in the field and have been helping residents and business owners keep their properties safe from pest infestations. Here’s a brief look at some of the services we offer for Tracy, CA, pest control.

Residential Pest Control

No one wants to let pests live and breed in or around their home. That’s why our residential pest control services for Tracy, CA, focus on both prevention and action. We understand what it takes to eliminate every pest problem that can occur at your home or in your yard and we follow a four-step process designed to keep your property safe from pests.

First, we schedule a service call and get a background on any pest issues you may have had in the past. This way our technicians are prepared when they arrive to custom fit our services to you and your home’s specific needs.

Then we inspect your property for trouble spots and look to identify how the pest is gaining access. Next we’ll treat those specific trouble spots so that pests don’t have a place to enter your home then we’ll let you know that the service is complete and have you sign off on it. Our service agreements are guaranteed on a by-service basis. That means if you’re not satisfied with our work for any reason, we come back and make it right at no additional cost.

Commercial Pest Control

As a business owner, you have more to worry about than pest control, that’s why our services are fit to take the stress off your shoulders. Pests like termites, roaches, and rodents are more than just a nuisance – they can compromise your business and damage your reputation. 

AAI offers a wide-range of competitively priced services for Tracy, CA, pest control. We’re your partner when it comes to keeping your business pest-free and we provide ourselves on working with your schedule and on your terms. We work with you to target immediate pest concerns and offer a long-term solution for prevention. AAI also uses eco-conscious products and treatment techniques to reduce the impact to your business’s operations.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs feed on humans, so having them take up residence in your home or business can be a terrifying situation. They eat by piercing our skin and feasting on our fluids. They also have a stink gland that can make your home or business smell. Females can lay up to 500 eggs at a time, so dealing with a bed bug infestation can be very challenging.

Getting control of a bed bug infestation means that you must remove all of the infested materials and monitor to ensure that they do not return. Ridding yourself of bed bugs requires using several methods including vacuuming, high-temperature washing, sealing hiding places, and using insecticide. Rarely is it possible to eliminate bed bugs without professional help.

Rodent Control 

Rats and rodents are some of the most common to cause a problem requiring Tracy, CA, pest control. A variety of rodents call California home and keeping them out of yours can be a challenge. As they populate very quickly, a few rodents can soon become an infestation that you can’t get a handle on. Rodents seek human food and can access it either in your trash cans or directly in your pantry. 

Rodents can chew through a variety of materials including metal, rubber, wood, vinyl, plastic, and fiberglass. They can also fit through very small spaces and jump long distances. Their survival skills can make them very hard to rid your property of once they’ve become established.

Gopher/Ground Squirrel Control

Gophers and ground squirrels love to reside in perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. They feast on vegetation in both and can cause a big mess of your landscaping. Gophers aren’t deterred by fences as they burrow deep underground to travel and create their home. While they don’t cause direct harm to humans, they can make a big mess of the lawn or garden that you’ve worked so hard for. “Flooding” is a common DIY remedy, but this does very little to actually get rid of gophers. Instead, you need a professional to help you manage a gopher/ground squirrel problem.

Termite Services

If you think you have termites, you certainly need Tracy, CA, pest control. These insatiable creatures can cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to your home or business quickly since they eat wood 24/7. Several termites are native to California and all of them are incredibly destructive to your property. 

By burying stations underground and luring termites to a substance that’s more appealing than wood, our system works from the inside out. Termites feed on this bait then take it back to the colony, which eliminates the rest of the problem. Annual inspections will monitor the stations for activity and effectiveness, which gives you peace of mind.

Green Pro Services

Tracy, CA, pest control services don’t have to cause harm to the environment. We know that chemicals can impact the world around us, so AAI is committed to green services through our Green Pro Certification treatments. If you have pets or small children, you certainly don’t want to put them at risk by employing pest control services. As a GreenPRO Certified company, we offer GreenPRO Services utilizing eco-conscious treatment methods and products. GreenPro is the most widely recognized certification available to companies in the pest management industry.

If you have a pest problem, the professionals at AAI Pest Control can help. Contact us today for a free quote on whatever service you might need.

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