Fascinating facts about flies

These pesky pests can really make themselves at home, unless we take preventive measures. And whether we like it not, some flies can actually create a lot of health hazards. There are almost 100,000 species in the world and have an average life span of 30 days. The life cycle for flies is almost the same and you can only distinguish them through physical attributes, habitats and habits.

Habits of flies

It is hard to differentiate between adult male and female flies. But the females are in comparison larger and they form an opi-visitor to lay eggs. Males have enlarged eyes on the top of their heads. The stages of their life cycle can be divided into four stages, starting from egg, larva, moving to pupa and the last stage being adult. After the egg is hatched, the larvae will double in size as they grow. This is the time when the molting takes place. Often we cannot see the molting of the maggots. When they are in larvae stage, they feed on feces and decomposed meat. Adults, for instance feed on sugary food items like rotting fruit and nectar. House flies are the most common type of fly drawn to your homes.

You may be surprised to know that most flies will smell, taste, and feel with their body hairs. Flies mostly taste what they walk on. If they find it tasty, they will put into their mouth and taste it again. The hair on the bodies of flies generally bends when they touch something. Most flies can clean themselves instantly. Their feet have sticky pads which act as glues and they can walk easily on hard surfaces.

Types of flies

Below is a list of flies that are common in Northern California:

  • Little house fly
  • Stable fly
  • Face Fly
  • Garbage fly

How they affect the ecosystem?

Flies can actually have both positive and negative effects on the ecosystem. Flies are crucial for conversion of soil and helps in the decay of vegetation in soil. There are some flies which help in pollination. They consume decayed meat, making the environment clear. But flies have a negative impact too. Because the flies are mostly attracted to dead meat, they are known as the transmitters of diseases. Some of the common fly-borne diseases are cholera, dysentery typhoid fever. Flies are profuse in warm weather.

How to get rid of them?

The  easiest and most common way of getting rid of flies is through regular pest control. As we mentioned earlier, flyies are drawn to garbage and raw meat, be sure to keep the area around your garbage cans and disposal areas clean and you will have to tackle less insects and flies. Id you have a problem in your home or business with flies, be sure to contact us for a pest control visit.

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