How To Prevent Mice Infestation

How You Can Prevent Mice Infestation Brought on By California’s Drought

When you hear the word “drought,” it’s highly likely that the first image that comes to your mind is of dry and cracked earth. With the shortage of water, crops wither and the very ground itself becomes parched. You worry about how the drought will affect harvests and how households will need to do their part in conserving water so that they can have a sufficient supply that can be stretched out to meet everyone’s needs.

What many people fail to realize is that animals living outdoors will also be feeling the negative impact of a drought. Examples of such animals would be mice and rats—they will have a difficult time looking for food and water. And when that happens, where will they go looking for the food and water they need to survive?

That’s right—in people’s homes.

Unexpected visitors

According to pest control reports from CBS News, the California drought has driven rats and mice to unprotected houses and backyards in search of food and water. It’s especially evident if the drought takes place during spring, which is breeding season for these rodents.

Mice and rats will come to people’s houses and yards looking for birdbaths, for example, or food and water bowls for pets that are left outside. Of course, if there are entry points into the house that they can sneak into, the rats and mice will also move in and stay with the homeowners to ensure their survival. Yikes!

Anti-infestation measures

As long as your property is carefully inspected and protected accordingly, you won’t need to worry about experiencing a mice infestation in your own home. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Thoroughly go over your home and seal all the holes you find near the foundation. These would be the easiest paths that rodents like mice will use to get into your home, so keep them out by keeping all of them securely sealed.

Hire a pest control company to Inspect walls, door frames, window frames and other features for holes or cracks, and seal those as well. Rodents can still find ways to get inside your home, so it’s best to repair any loose windows and frames, and replace doors that create a gap with the frame.

Cut off any low-hanging tree branches that come into contact with the house. Mice and rats can easily climb trees, and if they discover a way to climb up to branches and hop off onto your roof or gutters, then they’ll be able to enter your house sooner or later.

Remember to bring your pet’s food and water dishes inside at night. Leaving these bowls out in the yard at night invites mice and rats to a feast, especially since night is when they look for food.

As much as possible, performing these measures should be done to prevent rodents from taking over your home. However, if the rodents have already set up camp, then it’s time to call in the professionals at AAI pest control so we can effectively rid your property of a potentially damaging infestation.


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