Located in central California and founded in 1871, the city of Turlock is home to more than 70,000 residents. The area found its original prosperity through farming, which is still a major economic factor in the city today.

In the 1980s, the city experienced large growth during the statewide housing boom. With the growth of the San Francisco Bay Area, the city had a second growth spurt in the 90s, as there was a higher demand for more affordable housing outside of the Bay Area.

Like many cities across California, Turlock hosts hot, dry summers as opposed to its cool, wet winters. Summers can reach the 90s, while the record high was 114 degrees. With the summer months comes very little precipitation, though the rest of the year doesn’t see much more.

While there are certainly many insects with redeemable and even beneficial qualities, it’s also true that these same bugs can have negative impacts on their surrounding habitats. Insects have the ability to harm agriculture, spread diseases, and infest highly populated areas.

Insect bites can cause minute side effects like irritation or itchiness, but they can also cause severe illness and deadly allergic reactions.

If not properly handled, home and landowners alike may be forced to use harmful pesticides and chemicals that are not only bad for the environment, but for their own health and the health of their families. This is why it is essential to contact professionals at the first sign of a pest problem – professionals like AAI Pest Control.

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Across our more than 35 years of experience serving and protecting the Northern California area, we have identified the top three pests seen by our technicians. These are ants, spiders, and wasps. All of these insects are very common throughout the country but seem to especially thrive in the climate of Turlock.

Ants are a very common household issue. Because they thrive in colonies, it is rare for anyone to see just one in their home. When summer rolls around and the warm weather with it, ants emerge and scout for food sources. In the season of picnics and barbeques, they’re on the hunt.

Our technicians are trained to attack at the source, and further protect your home from re-entry. They know how to spot colonies and identify swarmers, workers, and queens. It’s important to know that while ants prefer to nest outside, they can also infest buildings and nest behind walls and in cracks.

Along with our services, you can visit our ant page for some helpful tips on how to control an ant invasion.

Our next most popular service involves the ridding of spiders. Spiders rank high on the list of feared or unwanted pests. One look can send someone running; however, many spiders that you will see roaming about your home are likely not dangerous. In fact, you might even appreciate their affinity for prettying on other insects, like mosquitoes.

Dangerous spiders – ones that are poisonous and can cause harm – will most often stay hidden in your home. For that reason, it’s important to keep your home neat and tidy through frequent cleaning. Any concern for harmful spiders should be reported to AAI.

Finally, wasps are the third most common insect that we’re called to eradicate. While bees are beneficial creatures who help your gardens and the environment, wasps are naturally aggressive and territorial and should be removed as soon as possible.

Our technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to do this removable safely and quickly. You should never attempt to remove a wasp infestation on your own.

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AAI strives to deliver only the best in pest control, and that includes residential and commercial pet control as well as our GreenPRO services that are completely environmentally friendly. Our other services offered include:

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