Tracy, California is the second largest city in San Joaquin County population-wise. With more than 90,000 residents, Tracy has grown since its founding in 1911. Originally, this area was known mainly for its agriculture and railroad operations. As the railroad’s popularity declined, the population only grew, and the city established a reputation of affordability and a more tranquil lifestyle.

After this time of steady growth, the city became an ideal spot for distribution facilities.

Tracy is located in the Greater Bay Area, which hosts both spaces of fertile and infertile land. The climate is that of the Mediterranean, with mild, moist winters and hot, dry summers. Because of its low levels of precipitation, Tracy is considered a semidesert.

Due to its climate type and location, Tracy is susceptible to insects and therefore, could make great use of pest control services. Certain insects can have a large negative effect on the agriculture businesses in the area. In fact, the city’s public works department has stressed the importance of identifying insects impact plants. Some tips they emphasis include looking for signs of chewing, boring, and sucking insects.

In some cases, insects can become a very real health threat to people working in and obtaining services from businesses. Stinging or poisonous species pose risks and physical harm. If not properly handled, a few stray bugs can quickly become an infestation.

At AAI Pest Control, we work to control the worst insect cases with our reliable technicians and consistent services across Northern California.

Top Services

Our top three services target some of the most common insects that invade homes and businesses. These services are ant control, spider control, and wasp control.

When we target ants, our technicians go after the problem at the source as well as the in-home issue. Since ants are social insects, it is not uncommon to find many of them in your home at once. Due to their class system like approach, each colony will have different types of ants with specific jobs – i.e., the worker ants, the queens, the swarmers, etc.

The result of a successful colony can be hundreds of workers and swarmers on your property and in your home. Along with our services, there our site offers many useful tips to help keep ants away.

AAI Pest Control also offers spider control. While spiders are primarily beneficial insects because of their ability to control the population of other insects and arthropods; however, some – like the black widow – can be extremely harmful and often spend most of their time out of sight.

In addition to professional services like ours, regular cleaning and home maintenance is the best way to keep spiders out of your house. Our technicians can inspect your property and locate any hidden nests.

With the summer comes flowers and plants, which typically bring bees and wasps with them. Honeybees are highly beneficial creatures and are great for both your garden and the environment, but having colonies in your backyard can be dangerous for you and your family.

These colonies are also one of the hardest to get rid of without the help of a professional, as bothering a hive can cause the insects to swarm and sting. For bees, it’s best to contact a professional beekeeper, if possible, to safely remove the hive without harming you or the bees.

As for wasps, our pest control technicians have the proper training and tools to get rid of them safely.

Other Services Offered

Aside from our top services, we here at AAI offer several other pest control solutions for your residential and commercial needs.

In addition to these services, AAI is committed to environmental safety and offers GreenPRO services to ensure the highest level of responsibility in healthy options and chemical-free treatments. All of these services are designed with you, the customer, and superior satisfaction at the forefront. Give us a call today to schedule a service.

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