Stockton is the 13th biggest city in the state of California and the 64th largest nationwide. The city of Stockton contains the largest of the state’s inland seaports, with the Port of Stockton being the furthest east inland port in all of California. Situated 83 miles outside of San Francisco and just over 100 miles from South Lake Tahoe, Stockton residents enjoy 184 days of sun annually and average temperatures in the mid-70s.

Before the city became incorporated in 1850, Stockton had multiple different names, such as Mudville, the Gas City, and Tuleberg. The city’s infamous Asparagus Festival draws more than 100,000 visitors per year. Stockton also houses one of just two movie palaces located in the Central Valley with its Bob Hope Theatre, known previously as Fox Theatre.

Whether you’re Stockton born and raised or just made a move, the presence of unwanted pests can wreak havoc on your home, yard, and business. It’s natural to want to save money and fix these inconvenient pest problems yourself. The trouble is when you don’t handle a pest issue right away, the situation can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you with a full-scale infestation on your hands.

AAI Pest Control has served clients throughout the Central Valley of California for over three decades. Our skilled team of licensed technicians provides one-stop-shop pest control services for residential and commercial properties, lawn and yard services — and more! Whatever your pest control needs are, we are here to serve you.

Residential Pest Control

We understand how crucial it is to eradicate pests from your hard and home, both for your peace of mind and to preserve the aesthetic and structural integrity of the property. When you call us to serve your home, we’ll alert you ahead of time when one of our technicians is on the way. Our experienced technicians will go over your concerns and discuss and prior pest problems you’ve had to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

We will conduct an in-depth inspection of the property to identify areas vulnerable to pests and present a shelter, food, and water source before treating the area thoroughly. We will also get rid of webs on your eaves and any fenced portions if your property where spiders could take up residence.

Commercial Pest Control

The last thing any business owner wants to worry about is unsightly pests like termites or roaches. Not only do these tests pose a distinct sanitation problem, but they could undermine your business and drive away clients. We know that it is critical to deal with these pest problems swiftly, and we will come alongside you to formulate a customized treatment plan to eliminate your infestation now and in the long term.

We will work with your schedule to ensure that our pest services have as minimal an impact on your company’s operations as possible. We offer a range of commercial pest control services, including everything from rodent control to early morning and night services to specialized IPM programs to hinder future infestations.

Lawn and Yard Service

We are committed to making sure your yard is not only free of unwanted guests and critters but looks immaculate. We provide complete lawn and yard services so you can take care of your pest control and maintenance needs with one phone call. From lawn fertilization to weed control — our licensed technicians do it all.

We also offer:

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