What to Expect from a Good Termite Inspection

Termites are one of the most dreaded pests that can invade a home and wreak havoc upon it. As such, prevention is the key to avoiding damage and costly repairs. There are several types of termites that are prone to Northern California like the subterranean termite  who are fascinating creatures and even more destructive.

The benefits of a termite inspections

Ideally, a termite inspection should be conducted on a property at least once a year. This will give the property owner peace of mind knowing that his home is free from termites. On the other hand, if termites are detected in the property, the appropriate control measures can be enforced in order to prevent the problem from spiraling out of control.

A job best left to the experts

Although it is possible for an ordinary individual to conduct the inspection by himself, it is recommended that homeowners enlist the aid of professionals who have the expertise and the proper equipment to perform this task. These professionals know exactly what to look for as well as the potential access points used by termites to enter your property. Termite control is something AAI Pest Control technicians are well trained and prepared for.

What to expect from a termite inspections

Whether you are taking advantage of a free termite inspection or you are paying for this vital service, there are a few important things to look for. First, a good termite inspection technician should look into three crucial matters: the current and past activity of these insects, as well as potential access areas which may include, under the home, in the attic and other not so convenient places.

If the professionals suspect that your property has been infested, they will look for tell-tale signs of current termite activities, including the mud tubes they use. As for past activity, the professionals conducting the inspection need to determine whether the damage they find have been done by termites or other insects that eat and destroy wood.

A thorough inspection will also detail potential access areas. However, this can be quite difficult as termites can use access areas that may not be easily accessible. Often, professionals look for signs of damage when a visible access point cannot be seen.

Aside from these, inspectors will also take note of the materials used in building the home as well as the current state of these. Some may also look at landscape conditions in order to see whether such are hospitable for pets.

After the termite inspection

Depending on whether the home is free from infestation or not, the inspector can do a few things. If treatment is required, the inspector will show you the areas which need to be treated as well as the proper treatment methods to use. The inspector should also tell you the works involved in applying these solutions.

The inspector will then detail the fees involved as well as the necessary things that you need to do in order to prepare your home for a treatment. At this stage, if you have other questions to ask, the specialist can answer these.

What to Expect from a Good Termite Inspection Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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