Termite Infestation

Sure Signs of Termite Infestation

Sure Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites are hard workers, just like their ant relatives. You can actually hear their activity, and that’s one clear indication that they’re doing something to your home. However, if you cannot hear them “munching” all together at the wood components of the building, it doesn’t mean that they’re not there. There are other signs of termite infestation that you need to watch for. If you see any of the signs rounded up below, a Modesto termite control specialist advises calling exterminators right away to annihilate the colony and save your home from further damage.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Mud-like material that undulates across walls. This is a mixture of termites’ feces, saliva and soil, and termites use this material to cover the cavity created by their activity.

Presence of “swarmers.” They are most common in the spring and sometimes make an appearance again in the fall. Warm days after heavy rains guarantee their appearance if there truly is an infestation.

Presence of mud tunnels. Subterranean termites create their home in the ground and they build these pencil-size “mud tubes” which are actually tunnels connecting their headquarters to their sources of food.

Wing piles are another sure sign of infestation. Termites shed their wings when they reach the next phase of their physical development.

Damaged wood. When you tap your walls and you hear a hollow sound, termites have done their job of making the wood components thin.

Damaged wallpaper. Termites also love paper (which is made from wood fibers) and if your wallpaper has holes and has become loose, it’s highly likely that termites have been feasting on it.

Actual termite sighting. Although termites usually conduct their activities inside walls and under floors, they sometimes wander away from their usual route. If you see them inside or outside your home, then you definitely have a termite situation within your property.


Home Inspection

If these signs are not present where you’re expected to see them, but you wish to be certain that you don’t have a growing colony of termites in your property, you can call exterminators for inspection or conduct an inspection yourself. Arm yourself with a flashlight, screwdriver, ice pick or pocketknife and dress up in coveralls. Check out potential breeding spaces (not just inside your home, but in your deck and garden as well) to see if any of the signs mentioned are present.

If these signs are present, then you better turn to pest control experts to get rid of the termites and apply the right treatment to your home that will discourage these pests from coming and breeding there in the future.


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