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The Importance of Pest Inspections When Buying a Home

5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Pest Inspections

Do you think you have found the property you want to buy? Don’t close on the purchase just yet. Make sure that you hire professionals to inspect the property. Understandably, you want to guarantee that the structure is sound. Any buyer would want to confirm that there are no electrical, plumbing, roofing and HVAC issues. Also part of that due diligence is ensuring that the house is pest-free. Here are 5 reasons you should never skip pest inspections:

Wood destroying organisms (WDO) are not usually detectable with the naked layman’s eye

Termites, which lead this unpleasant bunch, could have already been eating away at the insides of walls and floors until they’re hollow without the homeowner being any wiser. An inspector with a trained eye and the proper tools will zero in on minuscule traces of termite presence and expose any ongoing infestation.

A professional inspector will also clue you in on any possible infestation threat

In case the structure is new and termites have yet to descend, WDO inspectors will also note conditions that could lead to an infestation. Conditions that could lead to an infestation include: wood siding contact with the soil. Termite sources like mulch and decaying wood in the vicinity could also lead to an infestation.

Most lending institutions require that a WDO inspection be conducted to ensure that there are no termite issues.

Termite issues would make the property a high risk investment. At any rate, a WDO inspection should always be part of any real estate transaction to let the buyer know what the actual condition of the home is as much as to make the seller aware of issues that he will have to remedy to make his property sellable.

A house with a termite infestation will see its value plummet

This could be a key factor in negotiating the price. The seller could get rid of the house as is but at a much lower rate. The seller could also address the issue first and sell it at a higher rate. As expected, a house that gets a clean bill of health on the presence of WDOs will be valued higher.

If you do decide to buy the house after the seller has remedied the pest problem, you’ll go into it aware that another infestation is always a possibility and take measures to have inspections and treatments done regularly going forward. You’ll also know to make sure that the Modesto pest control company you hire is qualified and licensed.

With these 5 reasons you should never skip pest inspections, you’ll hopefully be convinced to act wisely and take prudent measures before deciding to buy a home. Are you looking for a pest control company in Modesto to perform an inspection on your potential new home? Contact the pest control professionals at AAI Pest Control. 

The Importance of Pest Inspections When Buying a Home Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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