Are Termites Dangerous?

Are Termites Dangerous?

When pest control experts discuss the effects of a termite infestation with homeowners, the conversation almost always centers on the damage that termites can do to a structure. Rarely does the conversation veer toward the impact of an infestation on the dwellers of a home in terms of health and well-being.

It is a well-known fact that termites can wreak serious havoc on a property. Left unchecked, these insects can feed upon every available food sources they can find in a home, from furniture to other cellulose sources like paper and clothes. But what about the impact of these insects on human health? Are termites dangerous to the health of humans? Should you be worried about the health of your loved ones?

Can Termites Make Me Sick?

Like many other insects, termites can bite and sting. However, these bites and stings do not produce toxic wounds. Apart from that, termites are not known to be vectors of harmful diseases. A greater cause of concern, when it comes to the health of the members of your household, are the indirect health risks associated with a termite infestation. For one, people who are susceptible to allergic reactions and asthma sufferers may experience episodes due to the increased circulation of dust and other irritating particles that come from termite nests. HVAC systems can circulate these around the home. The saliva and droppings of these insects may also cause adverse reactions in some people.

The Importance Of Eliminating Termites

Termites have also been associated with sick building syndrome or SBS. They sometimes carry fungi with them, which leads to the syndrome. Associated symptoms of SBS include headaches, skin rashes and chronic asthma. If you have ruled out other possible causes, it is highly likely that the syndrome is caused by termites.

The presence of termites can also lead to other indirect health risks. One such health risk is the incorrect use of chemicals that are designed either to kill or repel termites. In some cases, property owners do not know how to isolate the application site. Some property owners also allow members of the household to enter the home even before the chemicals they have used have totally dissipated.
It is for the above stated reasons that you should leave the task of eliminating termites to the experts. Pest control experts know exactly which chemicals to use and at what quantities to get the best results. In short, getting expert help eliminates guesswork which can harm your loved ones.

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