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Lawn & Yard

Tree Injection

Tree Injection Service In years past, insecticide sprays and soil treatments were the most common methods used by tree care professionals for controlling tree pests. Today, injections that place insecticides directly inside trees are producing greater results and doing so with other key advantages such as: Using much lower volume of insecticides with better results Injections can be applied even

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Lawn and Yard Service

When you think of AAI, naturally you think of Pest Control. However over the years we realized that pest control, lawn and yard care go hand in hand. We’re a one-stop-shop for both pest control and numerous other lawn and yard services. We are professional and well trained in both pest control and yard service allowing you the convenience of

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Rose Guard

Roses are an incredible source of beauty. But when they’re infested with aphids or whiteflies they can quickly lose their beauty and become a source of irritation. AAI can keep your roses healthy and beautiful with our Systemic RoseGuard Service. We’ll inject a systemic insecticide into the soil around the rose bush that is taken up into the leaves and

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Lawn Fertilization

Tired of staring at an unsightly lawn? Frustrated with using expensive fertilizers and products that don’t seem to work? We can help. AAI Pest Control’s Lawn Care Service uses custom-blended fertilizers and weed killers that will leave you with a green and healthy lawn that’ll be the envy of the neighborhood! Call today or just ask your service technician on

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Weed Control

Nothing conjures up more dread than the thought of pulling weeds! The thought of getting down on your hands and knees to fight what seems like a losing battle can be an extremely frustrating and daunting task. Often we come across clients who have tried all of the standard weed killing products on the market and finally gave up, needing

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